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Thanks for the special mention - and, oh the days of USENET-over-UUCP... :)

Julf (mcvax!penet!julf)

Comment by Julf Mon Jul 11 12:29:19 2016

Someone found the missing file and got it to run on a modern system!

Comment by joey Fri Jan 23 00:38:28 2015
Hello Joey, where are you from?
Comment by Moái Tue Jan 20 16:47:22 2015

There should be an update for early June 1984 - June 7? (I have my own copy from when we first connected ;) )

MrPete {hpda,pyramid}!octopus!pete

Comment by Mr Fri Jun 13 12:31:33 2014

Note that the RMS post does not pop up on until 30 minutes from now. An unexplained oddity in the Date header; some archived copies have 12:35 and some like mine, 13:35.

Also, ignores NNTP propigation delays. The post actually took some time to propigate over time-delayed dialup usenet!

Date-Received: Thu, 29-Sep-83 07:38:11 EDT

Comment by Fri Sep 27 17:09:19 2013

If I recall correctly, didn't mcvax have a(n intermittent) connection to decvax? seems to indicate so. Or is Europe not included?

Comment by mekkis Wed Oct 24 06:41:06 2012

The netgod "mark" is Mark Horten, later Mary-Ann Horten. HTH

Comment by Harald Tue Dec 27 10:10:32 2011
Anyone have an opinion on whether Raiders of the lost Arc has a chance to beat out Chariots of Fire for the Best Picture Academy award?
Comment by Bobby Mon Sep 19 02:24:00 2011
Are new newsgroups automatically created on (Does a post to a non-existing newsgroup create it?)
Comment by Julien ÉLIE Sun Jul 17 21:21:06 2011
While Microsoft has been mentioned a few times before, including an intriguing early mention of XENIX, I can confirm this is the first mention of MS-DOS on Usenet.
Comment by joey Mon Jun 20 04:05:34 2011