Olduse.net is now past the Great Renaming!

While it was being discussed back in September, I only noticed it had happened when I fired up the news reader recently, after a news-fast over the holidays. There were suddenly lots of new groups to subscribe to, with the new hierarchy mixed in with the dead but not quite departed newsgroups.

     174  comp.unix.questions                 
     185  comp.unix.wizards                   
      22  comp.unix.xenix                     
      85  comp.windows.x                      
       0  eunet.bugs.4bsd                     
       0  fluke.micro                         
       0  hp.msdos                            
       0  ky.general                          
       0  ky.news                             
       0  micros                       
       0  misc

After writing some code to delete empty groups, this mixture has now been cleaned up; the old groups are gone.

Post-Renaming, Usenet feels a more focused place. Great for information on a specific technical topic, but otherwise a tad boring in its new focused hierarchies.

The alt groups are coming! I hear they'll arrive sometime this year, and look forward to Usenet getting wild and wooly once more.

The Great Renaming FAQ