I have not had a lot of time lately to read olduse.net, but it's still going strong.

Looking at the logs, a hundred or so people connect to the NNTP server each month, and some use it frequently, month after month. It's nice to know people are really getting into following olduse.net.

Thousands more visit the website each month. Just this month, it popped back up on hacker news: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=8780135 And my shell server got overloaded with 832 concurrent users. I have set up two more shell servers to spread the load.

So, four years in, olduse.net is continuing to be interesting to people. I had wondered if anyone would stick around for the middle years.

As I mentioned, my own reading habits on olduse.net have become sporadic, generally once or twice a month. Partly this is because there's so much more activity now. I was reading nearly every post back in A-news days, but as volume picked up, I started mostly reading only a few newsgroups that were particularly interesting to me (net.games.rogue, net.sources, hacknews, net.flame, etc), with random glances at others. There's still only 800 newsgroups, and many are not very active, so I have still been subscribing to them all.

What are your olduse.net reading habits like?