So posted henry yesterday to the hacknews group in 760@Autzoo.UUCP.

As an experiment, for our first month on Usenet, recently completed, we have been getting all the news etc. that Usenet has available. Alas, this has a price, both in phone bills and in my time spent babysitting the link late at night. I have been doing some arithmetic about the costs involved, and the answer keeps coming out as Too Much. For a one-month experiment, ok, but on a continuing basis, no.

If all this stuff were vital and important, that would be different, but much of it is fascinating but essentially trivial gossip. At 300 baud, this is a luxury we can't afford just now. So we are going to have to stop getting some newsgroups. Precisely which ones will get the axe I haven't entirely sorted out yet, but I must regretfully announce that human-nets and sf-lovers will be the first to go -- they are just too bulky. The detailed hit list will appear soon.

Anyone wishing to keep a particular "axed" newsgroup alive may do so by committing to pay for it (phone charges plus a surcharge for human hassle). This must be real money, folks. If your driving passion is to keep sf-lovers open, be warned that sf-lovers costs AT LEAST one hundred dollars a month.

Unfortunatly it's too late to pay for utzoo's long-distance calls to North Carolina, or give them a 1200 baud modem, so from here out oldusenet will probably be offering only a partial feed of Usenet, unless another site steps forward to offer a feed of course. ;)

Meanwhile, keep an eye on; some guy called "ucbvax!Onyx:glickman" is talking about writing a new netnews. Who knows if anything will ever come of it.