"USENET interchanged standard posted" is a fascinating bit of history. Here we have the initial rationalle for what became the "modern" Usenet news format, based on RFC-822.

The reason for having a standard is that there are now five separate, full fledged implementations of news, all talking to each other, and up until now the only specification for how sites should communicate has been "whatever doesn't break the code".

Don't know about you, but I'm eagerly looking forward to newsgroup names longer than 14 characters and moderated newsgroups.

But what I'm most eagerly looking forward to is the References header, which will allow threading of messages, with full nested threads. Threads have mostly had to be followed manually and by heuristics so far, so that'll be really nice!

(I am less looking forward to the new Expires header, since anything posted with such a header in 1983 will likely have expired already by the time I get around to reading it.)

Standard draft text itself