Reading, we can see that many things have remained the same across decades of time and the evolution of rogue into nethack.

Through posted high scores, we can see that team ant has always killed more than its share of young adventurers.

There are tricky ways to cheat; the bug is always already known to the shadowy dev team, but a fix not yet released.

The post "a rogue's tail" is an early example of a style of storytelling often used in describing ascention or other notable nethack games today.

Tonite I finally put it all together. I was on level 15, I had a -1 ring of dexterity in my pack. I entered a dark room and there in front of me was the nymph. I quickly ran back into the tunnel. Slowly I dropped each possession as I walked towards the temple that would bestow immorality upon me. Saving my sword and armor least I be ambushed at the threshold I entered the room. Two squares lay between me and the nymph. I dropped my armor and stepped forward, Soon I would know for sure. I placed my mace carefully on the floor. I stood naked but for the cursed ring. Immortality?! I moved forward to attack the nymph. CRASH!! I had fallen through a trapdoor...

And of course the few who have found the amulet of YENDOR and escaped to tell the tale always lord it over the rest of us.