Back in the old days, most people posted on Usenet without the realization that their posts would be sneakily archived for perpetuity. The circle of readers and posters were rather small, and the concern of privacy had not arisen until very later on. As such, most people post in their real names, contrary to the present-day practice of posting pseudonymously when discussing social or political issues. Then, sometime in the 1990’s , some company, probably Altavista, made the archive of Usenet available in archive form. Fortunately, it made it possible for me to remove my posts in their archive with relative easy. It troubles me greatly that is being launched without any apparent measures to address privacy concerns. The consequences can potentially be gravely perilous for many people. I strongly suggest its operators take actions to address the privacy issues. Better yet, the issue of privacy should be made so prominent that it informs and guides any and all future old Usenet resurrection enthusiasts.

It's not like this is the only copy of this archive of Usenet. Not a lot can be done about something that has by now echoed its way across the net for decades. does not provide posts in a way search engines will see, or that can be linked to, so its actual impact will be limited to whoever few people are reading it on the day 30 years after you made your post.

Comment by joey Mon Jun 6 19:25:13 2011